Welcome to our site, The Culture of Beauty. We are a group of eight women looking to change the world. Joined together through a Feminist Theories class at the University of Georgia, we have combined our efforts and talents to analyze and examine a prominent issue, theme, cycle, observation, constraint, and liberation in our society: beauty. We eight women are going to look at beauty through the eyes of the beholders of feminism. In a five week blog series, we will examine different topics of beauty, different realms of existence, different perpetuations of oppression, and different avenues of change. We encourage you to follow along with our journey and feel inspired to embark on your own. By studying the way we conceptualize and utilize beauty in our modern world, we are hoping to spread realization of its construction and make a change in the way we see beauty.

Each day of the week, we will be publishing a blog that pertains to the theme of the week. Themes will be announced in the blog post Sunday and will continue through Saturday. On Fridays, we will celebrate our feminism (and the end of the week!) by DOUBLING our posts for what we dub Feminist Fridays! We hope you are able to find some utility in our works and spread it with those around you. Please feel free to comment or reach out to us individually. Thanks and happy theorizing!