Set Fire to the Gaze

Adele’s recent cover for Rolling Stone is almost as breathtaking as her new single, which we all have lost our voices belting to for the past week. There are several things to point out about this magazine cover:


For one thing, Adele is breaking boundaries by wearing little to no make-up, in a bathrobe, and with her hair wet. Very few women have had the confidence to pose completely natural on the cover of a major magazine. Look at any Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair etc. cover and you will find a completely photoshopped picture of a woman wearing layers of make up and dressed in head-to-toe designer clothes.

carolineblog3.2 carolineblog3.3

Adele’s pose is also very unique for a magazine cover. For example, we see both Jennifer Lopez and Katherine Heigl on these covers above looking seductively into the camera in their cleavage-baring gowns and red lipstick. Adele looks powerful, in charge. She knows she doesn’t need the make-up or red carpet gown to make her prove her talent. This chin-on-the-fist pose is associated with power, which is why it’s usually associated with masculinity. However, she brings femininity to the pose without losing that powerfulness. I think this photo is iconic of Adele and shows that you don’t have to have an Yves Saint Laurent gown and Chanel lipstick to pose for the cover of a magazine. I think it’s much more powerful to let the world see your raw, true self and I applaud Adele for her confidence.

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