Lena Dunham and Body Image

Many celebrities are stepping up to the plate and pronouncing that they are, indeed, feminists. The one that seems to be recognized the most by the media is Girls actress Lena Dunham.


Unlike most women in Hollywood, Lena does not have the “Supermodel body” that everyone seems to so easily get. In her HBO show Girls she places her body in the spotlight, opening herself up to the judgement of the viewers. The show involves a lot of nude scenes that immediately received negative reviews from critics.

Why is this so alarming? Would it be different if it was a woman who was a size 0 Victoria’s Secret model?

Since there is so much discussion on the nature of these scenes, it is easy to assume that this outrage and confusion comes from the societal standards of beauty set up pop culture. In a world full of Photoshop and Botox, nude scenes with women with curves do receive negative attention because we simply aren’t used to it.

Lena Dunham adresses the nature of the beauty standards in our society in her novel, “Not That Kind of Girl” when she talks about being asked about her “bravery” in doing these nude scenes. She simply reflects,

“The subtext there is definitely how am I brave enough to reveal my imperfect body, since I doubt Blake Lively would be subject to the same line of inquiry.”

Beauty standards are everywhere, and celebrities are definitely main contributors to it. Lena Dunham is trying to break the mold of the unrealistic body and beauty standards. Thanks, Lena!

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