Moving forward…

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For me, this blog has really opened my eyes to so many issues out there surrounding beauty. Not only have my personal blogs deeply interested me and made me question my way of thinking about certain issues, but being able to read the other members of my group’s work has been really helpful for me throughout the course by showing me different perspectives on the same issues. Reading and writing is SO important to the continuation of the feminist movement and with our blog I feel that we have been able to construct a “mini-movement” of our own by putting our thoughts out there for whomever to see.
My favorite week so far was “Week 3: Celebuties” because in this day and age, with social media and technology at our fingertips, the influence of these celebrities on society is very important. I felt that all of our blogs that week touched on different aspects of the issue while highlighting our individual interests. Because this week was my favorite, I also felt we all touched on the concept of sisterhood and how women need to stand together instead of pushing apart. Sisterhood is such a huge theory throughout Bell Hook’s book, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, that she needed an entire chapter to discuss it. She ends her chapter with this paragraph, “Women do not need to eradicate difference to feel solidarity. We do not need to share common oppression to fight equally to end oppression. We do not need anti-male sentiments to bond us together, so great is the wealth of experience, culture, and ideas we have to share with one another. We can be sisters united by shared interests and beliefs, united in our appreciation for diversity, united in or struggle to end sexist oppression, united in political solidarity. When it comes to beauty, and judgment against women set by sexist standards, I have realized women HAVE to be there for eachother and lose the judgement against one another. There is no other way to eradicate false beauty standards than to take a stand and end it between each other.

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