Time to Reflect

What did I learn while producing this “Culture of Beauty” blog? I found out that there is so many different facets of the culture of beauty that I have never quite explored before. Having other people address certain topics throughout the weeks has opened my eyes to new facets, new perspectives, and a new understanding of beauty and feminism.

Taking a Women’s Studies Theory class really helped me look at the culture of beauty in a different way as well. I found many connections between theorists and the posts that we were creating that allowed for a better grasp of how women and beauty are connected. By addressing issues in our beauty culture with feminist theory it allowed me to gain insight into many different aspects.

Lastly, I learned that the culture of beauty is exhausting. There is so much pressure on women to look good, and that is evident in all of our posts. I hope that this blog will draw younger girls in so that they can see how beauty is shaped by our society. I want this blog to get girls to think about all of these different aspects of beauty and how they are incorporated in their own lives.


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