What I found out

As a women’s studies minor, I’m supposed to have all, if not most of the answers in regards to feminist theories and what is politically correct in our patriarchal society. However, I am still learning many theories and ideas in the feminist world.
This blog has allowed me to look at our world in a different light. I now am aware of many problems in our society that I had not thought of before. One example is the Universal make-up compact mentioned in a previous blog post. It might seem like a harmless makeup compact, but to some individuals it could hurt their self-worth and self-confidence. Before this class and this blog, I did not dig in depth into these things. If little girls look at this compact, and they can’t find a color to match their skin tone on the “universal compact,” they could mentally be harmed. Whoever named this makeup compact obviously is ignorant in regards to feminism, or they simply do not care the outcome of the impact it could make to our children in society.
I am extremely thankful for this class and this blog. I am enthralled that I was able to contribute to this Culture of Beauty blog while linking theories to real life. I am proud of what myself and the authors of our blog have accomplished, and I am excited to see that else I can discover with my new mindset.

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