Closing Thoughts: A Time to Reflect

These past five weeks of blogging have seriously been so much fun! Of course I love delving into feminist issues and exploring new theories, but I also love being able to apply those to my every day life and see how others are doing so as well. I think one of the most beneficial parts of this experience for me was going back and reading everyone else’s blogs. When it comes to beauty, we could talk for centuries on this topic; however, we tried to break it down into just five weeks to simply scratch the surface! By having so many different women talk about their opinions and findings, I felt like we were able to really bring to light some interesting ideas about beauty, its construction, and its perpetuation.

I also found it extremely interesting to explore the idea that beauty in feminist theory isn’t all bad. We talk a lot about the negatives, but it was interesting to also think about the positives. Yes, there are lots of horribly, negative media images out there that reinforce beauty ideals. On the contrary, however, there are also an emerging larger amount of images that promote self-empowerment and self-love when it comes to beauty. I think throughout this process, I really came into my own in terms of how I view beauty and feminist theory in general. I am certainly one to recognize the flaws in our system because that is crucial to moving forward, but I think I best function when I’m uplifting others. Rather than going on rants about all that is wrong, I much prefer to spread messages of positivity. If a young girl approached me sad about her body-image, I feel like reassuring her that she is beautiful is much more fit for me than speaking about the problems in our society that make her feel so bad. Overall, I’ve come to view myself as a vessel for positive and negative information and viewpoints alike in order to decipher both and disseminate positive messages about beauty into the world.

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