How many likes did you get on that picture?

“What filter should I use?,” “Is this insta-worthy?” “How many followers do you have?” “She looks so stupid in that picture.” I bet you have heard many of these comments while scrolling down your instagram with your friends. And I bet you have said some of them yourself.

Filters, effects, enhancers…what do these say about the culture of beauty in our society? There is already inherently unrealistic beauty standards that flood our world, but now, as social media apps appear, they create yet another obstacle to feel worthy and beautiful. We should not have to change the color and contrast of our pictures to feel beautiful, or be accepted by our friends.

Not only does Instagram perpetuate false beauty standards, it also creates a platform for ultimate comparison. I find myself constantly comparing my Instagram and life, for that matter, so my other followers. “I wish my hair was that color.” “They took such an amazing trip, I wish I could do that.” “They are always with a guy.” Instagram makes it so easy for comparisons to happen. This is not healthy. The platform is supposed to be a place for sharing, not a place where our self worth can be diminished in five minutes of scrolling.

Instagram is a perfect example of how beauty in our society works. We measure our beauty and self worth off a number of “likes” or a size on a tag. We can see what a person wears, what they do for fun, and where they go on vacation, but can we truly know their personality and who they are on the inside?

Although I find Instagram entertaining, it is a concern. When I have a daughter, I know that she will constantly feel pressured by the number of followers or “likes” that her friends have. She will always be comparing her self to others, and with Instagram, it’s at the tip of her fingers.

Sure, it is great to see what your friends are doing in their lives and what their new haircut looks like. However, I’m sure we could all use a break from Instagram for a while.

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